PVD Coatings

PVD Coatings

The future shines on PVD.

FCS UV Curable Coatings for PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) applications offer exceptional performance as well as embracing our environmental commitments by offering low VOC emission solutions across a wide range of substrates and applications.

The PVD metal layer, a fraction in thickness of that of a chrome plated surface, is sandwiched between two layers of surface coatings designed to interact chemically with the metal layer. The result is a finished plastic component that looks identical in appearance to a chrome plated component, but also offers a wider range of colour and effect design opportunities to meet the same engineering standards, can be recycled, and eliminates the need to use hexavalent chrome.

In conjunction with our future-focused UV curable coatings, PVD technology opens new perspectives on design, functionality and sustainability for chrome look parts.

Design Advantages:

  • High gloss and semi-gloss FCS PVD coatings increase the visual impact of metal layers.
  • High degree of flexibility in terms of deposited material and colour configuration.
  • PVD offers full control over processing parameters, and consistency in surface quality.
  • Enables heat sensitive materials to be processed.
  • PVD coated components can be backlit, further enhancing their designs.
  • Graphics and letters can be laser etched into PVD coated parts.

Technological Benefits:

  • The transparent nature of the FCS PVD coatings together with a thin film of PVD metal allow light and electromagnetic waves to pass through the coated components. This is especially important for the latest generation cars where integration of multi-sensor technology plays a key role for improved aesthetics and safety.
  • Capacitive Sensing Technology can be integrated into PVD coated components.
  • FCS PVD Topcoat,
    Dry Film Thickness:
    23 ± 5 μm
  • Metal Layer Thickness Range:
    50-300 nm
  • FCS PVD Basecoat,
    Dry Film Thickness:
    15 ± 5 μm
  • Plastic Substrate

Basecoat & Topcoat are UV Curable. PVD Metallisation process requires special equipment. Please contact us for process and coating system information. Process and Technical Data Sheets are available on request.


  • FCS PVD basecoats allow smooth levelling of the metal layer and ensure strong interlayer adhesion.
  • FCS PVD topcoats provide greater protection against mechanical impacts, corrosion and weathering thanks to our unique formulations which show exceptional results during lab testing and field performance.

Preserves the Environment:

  • Low VOC content.
  • PVD components are recyclable.
  • REACH compliant metallisation process, totally free from chromium 6 derivatives and generates no heavy metal waste.
  • Ability to achieve appearances that are not possible via chrome-plating techniques
  • REACH compliant, Cost Effective and Robust Metallisation Process
  • Sensors, including Capacitive Sensing Technology, can be integrated into PVD Coated Components