Packaging has a greater allure with Jaxallure

Coatings for Cosmetics

Stylish, elegant and premium, yet durable and scratch resistant, Jaxallure UV coatings set the standards in design, technology and environmental sustainability, providing improved consumer experience and eco-friendly cosmetics packaging.

The Jaxallure UV range offers medium-to-high solids finishes, including a full 100% solids option. These products are sprayable at ambient temperature and do not require baking prior to UV curing stage. This in return allows a reduced carbon footprint to support your commitment to eco-responsible packaging.

Sprayable from the can and cured with low dose UV, Jaxallure UV delivers excellent adhesion, flow and appearance on plastic and metallised surfaces.

We believe that sustainable solutions add an extra dimension to premium packaging, so we created an extensive range of bright and transparent colour tinted topcoats, offering up to full 100% solids.

  • Jaxallure Topcoat:
    Up to Full 100% Solids
    Also Suitable as a finish on Plastics
  • Vacuum Metallisation
  • Jaxallure Basecoat:
    Up to Full 100% Solids
  • Substrates: PCTA, PCTG, SAN, PC/ABS, Pretreated PP

Jaxallure UV Topcoat protects metallised surfaces, provides exceptional scratch resistance and ensures protection against chemicals used in perfumes, make-up and skin care products.

Coatings for Glass

Our product range also includes 1K thermally cured Jaxallure Glass coatings. Waterborne, fully compliant with environmental regulations, and giving outstanding adhesion to glass.


High Resistance against Climatic Shocks
Good Resistance to Scratch and Abrasion
Withstands Solvents and Chemicals