Designing the future in colours.

Colour Design

Evolving social and design trends demand a constantly changing colour palette. Our colour experts continually read these trends and translate them into unique and tailored coating effects for the automotive and other industries.


See the difference. Sense the difference.

Research and innovation in raw material choice, formulation, and application methods allows us to create products with contemporary material effects that appeal to all senses, not just the visual.

Customer-focussed solutions.

Colour Design is an integral part of our customer-focussed solutions. The FCS Design Team is highly experienced in developing colours and effects that maximise the added value of any painted component, and that fully reflect the design and functionality needs of the OEM or customer.

From development to production.

In creating stylish and innovative colours, the FCS Design Team collaborates closely with our R&D department to incorporate the latest coating technology developments into our new designs, and to ensure the feasibility and technical performance of our colour developments.

Approved effects are put through rigorous application and feasibility testing before being transferred to full-scale manufacturing.