Automotive Exterior Coatings

Automotive Exterior

We have a dedicated team of chemists and colourists working hand in hand with OEM designers and engineers to pioneer forward-thinking coating technologies. Our product portfolio for automotive exterior includes Thermal, Dual Cure, In Mould, UV and PVD technologies. Some of our innovations for automotive exterior are detailed below.

Chrome Effect Systems

Bright ideas. Bright coatings.

From grilles to lettering, FCS 3 Coat Chrome has been enhancing the appearance of some of the world’s most prestigious vehicles for over a decade.

FCS 3 Coat Chrome creates an outstanding liquid metal appearance on plastic trim components. With its robust, process-friendly formulation, the product offers an extensive range of metal effects in various gloss levels. Our market-proven 3 Coat Chrome System consists of a high gloss primer, chrome-like basecoat and an extremely durable 2K polyurethane clearcoat with anti-sagging properties.

Designed to meet strict OEM tests and existing environmental regulations, FCS 3 Coat Chrome is easy to use and offers high “Right First Time” results to reduce operational costs and maximise productivity.

  • Sustainable and Cost Effective Paint Alternative to Galvanic Chrome Plating
  • Extensive Range of Liquid Metal Effects in Various Gloss Levels
  • Wet-on-Wet Processing Option

Winner of the British Coatings Federation Sustainable Innovation Award, 2015.

Conductive White Primer

Conducive to productivity. Conductive to success.

Primer colour is a key factor in determining the total volume of paint needed for bright or pastel basecoat applications.

In comparison to standard black or grey primers, FCS Conductive White Primer offers a truly revolutionary approach that enables paint application lines to reduce basecoat consumption (via lower film thickness) and increase productivity. This lower film weight also minimises the likelihood of inclusions and orange peel issues, subsequently decreasing the scrap rate.

Other Advantages:

  • Designed to adhere to a wide range of plastics including pretreated polypropylene and ABS
  • Only requires 10-15 minutes flash off prior to basecoat application
  • Low resistance values ensure wrapping around the electrostatically charged surfaces
  • Great coverage capacity at low film weights
  • Reduces overspray and energy consumption
  • Opens up design options for more vibrant basecoat colours

Our conductive primer family consists of 1K & 2K products in solventborne and waterborne technologies. Available in white, blue, red and more conventional grey and black colours. Processing parameters may change depending on colour and carrier type. Contact us for more information.

  • FCS Conductive Primer is Available in White, Blue, Red, Grey and Black Colours

UV Finishes

Outstanding formulation. Outstanding scratch resistance.

As part of the multinational Fujikura Kasei Group Network (FGN), we manufacture and supply globally approved FGN UV Coatings.

Formulated to withstand the toughest conditions throughout a vehicle’s life cycle, FGN UV coatings provide outstanding scratch resistance, excellent weathering performance and a superior finish on polycarbonate substrates. Cured within seconds, our UV finishes enable increased production line speeds and reduced energy consumption.

Use of these coatings on PC substrates, e.g. B-Pillars, offers improved aesthetics, durability and long-term gloss retention compared to uncoated PMMA B-Pillars. FGN UV coatings protect against UV degradation, and give sharper definition to the overall appearance of polycarbonate components.

  • Developed to be used on PC Substrates, such as B-Pillars
  • FCS UV Coatings Protect Against Car Wash and Other Abrasive Environments
  • Excellent Weathering Performance & Outstanding Finish


Excellent finish. Faster processing.

Covering everything from low gloss metallic to high gloss black, FCS monocoat technologies provide reliable alternatives to conventional multi-coat systems. Versatile and process friendly, our monocoats improve the appearance and quality of automotive trim parts such as grilles, exterior trim and lettering.

In comparison to multi-coat systems, our monocoats offer the following benefits;

  • Fast cycle-time with tight colour tolerance
  • Cost savings through reduced material and energy consumption
  • High levels of “Right First Time” with minimal inclusion rate
  • Extensive Range of Colour and Gloss Options
  • Designed to adhere to a Wide-Range of Plastics
  • Reliable Alternative to Multi-Coat Systems

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