In Mould Coatings

In Mould Coatings

Paint your parts whilst still In-Mould.

FCS In-Mould Coatings are designed to be sprayed onto the interior surface of injection moulding tools. These products solidify during the injection process, forming a structurally intact coating film onto moulded PU substrates. FCS In-Mould Coatings require no postbake, creating an environmentally friendly, integrated single-step coating solution with high chemical and mar resistance.

Our specification compliant In-Mould Coatings (IMC) have various applications from automotive plastics to agricultural machinery, and provide excellent adhesion and mechanical performance on rigid and flexible components. Accelerated weathering tests have proven the long-term colour and gloss stability of our IMCs for both interior and exterior applications. We continue to formulate the next-generation IMC systems that combine sensory and haptic properties with mechanical performance.


Waterborne – With Self-Releasing Capability
Solventborne – Low VOC with Self-Releasing Capability
Various Solid and Metallic Colours
Compatible with a Wide Range of Substrates including RIM-PUR and PU Foam