Automotive Interior Coatings

Automotive Interior

FCS offers a wide range of coatings for all interior automotive needs, ranging from bright metallic technical finishes to laser-etch paints.

Our product portfolio includes Thermal, Dual Cure, In Mould, UV and PVD coatings as well as solutions for Automotive Wood Trim. Some of our innovations for interior are detailed below.

Chrome Effect Systems

Brightness made simple.

FCS Chrome Effect Systems have been used for many years on an extensive range of passenger and commercial vehicles, and we are widely recognised as the market leader in this technology.

FCS Chrome Effect Technologies are reliable, cost effective and sustainable paint alternatives to galvanic chrome plating, and offer a complete range of metal effects in various gloss levels. Ideal for highly visible components where both visual and perceived quality play an important role in consumer decisions, FCS Chrome Effect Systems deliver excellent liquid metal appearance on plastic components.

Depending on specification, colour and effect requirements, our experts can offer “MonoChrome” or “3 Coat Chrome” products. While the application processes might be different, both technologies ensure superior line efficiency and product performance.

  • Free from Chromium-6 Derivatives
  • Cost Effective and Sustainable Paint Alternatives to Galvanic Chrome Plating
  • Outstanding Liquid Metal Effects in Various Gloss Levels

UV Finishes

Experience assures outstanding quality.

With over 40 years of experience in UV formulation, FCS has earned the reputation for supplying and supporting UV solutions for a wide range of applications. Our experience in this area ensures quality and productivity gains for our customers.

FCS UV coatings instantly respond to UV light and create a highly scratch resistant protective film on plastic substrates, providing excellent gloss and finish for automotive interiors. In addition to our Mono Cure UV Finishes, we also offer Dual Cure UV Coatings for interior applications. For more information visit Dual Cure Coatings.

  • Excellent Finish, Gloss and Protection
  • Best-in-Class Scratch Resistance

Monocoat Systems

FCS monocoats offer multiple advantages.

FCS monocoat systems create impressive, compelling interior components that combine robustness with aesthetic appeal. Our monocoat technologies provide direct adhesion to a variety of plastic substrates, combining ease of use with proven performance against chemical and physical impacts.

FCS monocoats cover a broad range of requirements;

  • Waterborne
  • Solventborne (TX Free, Low VOC)
  • 1K / 2K
  • Colours for Environment or Decorative Trim
  • All Gloss Levels
  • Adhesion to a Variety of Plastic Substrates
  • Robust and Aesthetically Appealing

Haptic Finishes

A finishing touch that elevates the design of interior trim.

Transforming plastic components into premium, luxuriously tactile surfaces demands the finest products to deliver exceptional sensory and mechanical performance.

FCS develops the very best haptic finishes with high chemical and scratch resistance, providing a wide range of tactile effects to add depth and warmth to plastic substrates. Available in waterborne and solventborne formulations.

  • See the difference. Sense the Difference.
  • Exceptional Chemical and Scratch Resistance

Laser-Etch Coatings

Is this paint effect? Precisely.

Achieving precise patterns, through laser marking, requires carefully formulated coating systems and many years of industry knowledge.

FCS laser-etch coatings prove how technology and design can work in perfect harmony. Our laser-etch expertise has evolved beyond the purely functional, and is being used on larger interior components to add aesthetic appeal and to give the opportunity for personalisation. This allows designers to create intricate patterns on a variety of components from door grab handles to air vent surrounds.

  • Decorative & Functional Laser Etch Examples

Coatings for Carbon Fibre

Woven to performance. Coated to perfection.

FCS High-Build Basecoat smooths the non-uniform structure of pre-impregnated carbon fibre weaves and creates a visually perfect deep surface that maximises the natural characteristics of the material.

With its air dry curing, the product forms a high-clarity protective layer over pre-impregnated carbon fibre substrates and eliminates the effects of irregularities such as pores, pits and pinholes. Together with our clear or pigmented lacquers, carbon fibre trim can be coated to perfection in gloss, satin or matt finishes.

Other advantages include;

  • A Dry Film Thickness of 80-120μm can be achieved in one single coat
  • Excellent test pedigree
  • Can be over-coated with finishing material
  • Good “off the gun” finish - Less sanding & polishing required

We also provide a combination of coating systems for untreated carbon fibre. Contact us for more information

  • High Solids Formulation
  • Can be Over-coated with Clear and Pigmented Lacquers

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