Our Responsibilities

Health and Safety

FCS recognises that the success of our business is dependent upon the health and wellbeing of our employees. We are committed to ensuring their health and safety and that of contractors and visitors. We understand that effective safety management will help to improve the efficiency and profitability of our operations.

Our approach to injury and ill health is based on the provision of appropriate occupational health and safety advice, the systematic identification, analysis, investigation, and control of risk. This approach is dynamic and responds to changes in both the business and in legislation. We are committed to establishing and maintaining effective safety management systems at all of our operating sites and to ensuring the competence of individuals through the provision of training. Both will contribute to business performance by reducing injuries and ill health, protecting the environment and reducing unnecessary losses and liability. Systems are in place to detect, respond and prevent potential threats to the health and safety of personnel.

Environmental and Sustainability

FCS is certificated to ISO 14001:2015 – the world’s leading and most recognised Environmental Management Standard. We commission regular site and system audits to check our adherence to the highest standards of management.

We recognise that sustainability of the environment is a core objective of the company’s activities. The company has identified the significant environmental aspects and associated impacts of the development, manufacture and supply of industrial, high technology coatings from hazardous materials and direct the development of our products towards harmony with the environment. Adequate financial and operational resources are in place to manage those aspects as part of our wider business risks.

We acknowledge our responsibility to respect the individual and the community and ensure our employees are competent in their roles and aware of their individual responsibilities. We will engage with customers, suppliers and other interested parties, to work in partnership with us to achieve our sustainability goals.


Although FCS’s IATF 16949 certification is the standard by which we monitor our success in committing to total quality, it is our belief that improving Customers Satisfaction, to always meet or exceed expectations, is the measure of our success.

Our focus is in building long term relationships with our Suppliers and Customers, to enable us to sustain a consistent, well managed supply chain.

We recognise that building on today’s successes means investing in the future, in personnel, in technology and in manufacturing capabilities.

Combining product life cycle management and an understanding of our customers, markets and competitors, we seek to design and develop the right product, for the right place, at the right time.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

An integral part of our belief in quality are our social responsibility values *:

  • To be an organisation with integrity, trusted and respected by our partners.
  • To promote product safety and protect the environment in which we conduct our activities, by carrying out our operations responsibly.
  • To enhance our working environment by respecting diversity and human rights, defending equal opportunity and rejecting discrimination.
  • To work with our Suppliers and Customers to promote these common aims.
  • To regard CSR as an aid to maintaining profitability and attracting investment.

* Click here for Statement of Investment Principles and here for Implementation Statement of Fujichem Sonneborn Limited Employee Benefits Plan..