Global Network and Locations

    Fujikura Kasei Global Network

    A Partnership to Cover all your Global Needs

    Our network consists of three companies: Fujikura Kasei Co., Ltd., Fujichem Sonneborn Ltd and Red Spot Paint & Varnish Co., Inc.

    Fujikura Kasei Co., Ltd.

    Fujikura Kasei is the parent company and is known globally for coatings for Automotive Applications, Electronics and Cosmetic Packaging. The company is renowned for the development of specialty polymers and resin systems. Fujikura Kasei is responsible for development, sales, and support in Asia & India.

    Fujichem Sonneborn Limited

    Fujichem Sonneborn is known for innovation in compliant UV, waterborne and solvent based coatings. Key markets include Automotive, Cosmetics Packaging, Electronics, and Furniture industries. Fujichem Sonneborn is responsible for development, sales, and support in Europe, Africa, Middle East & Russia.

    Red Spot Paint & Varnish Co., Inc.

    Red Spot was the first manufacturer to produce a coating for use on plastic. Red Spot has developed advanced technologies for Automotive Applications, Forward Lighting, Sporting Goods and Functional Coatings markets. Red Spot Paint is responsible for development, sales, and support in North & South America.

    The Evolution of the Fujikura Kasei Global Network (FGN)

    Fujikura Kasei Global Network (FGN)

    In 2000, a global alliance was formed between Fujikura Kasei, Red Spot Paint & Varnish Co., Inc. and Sonneborn & Rieck Ltd. Fujikura Kasei became the parent corporation of Red Spot Paint in 2008, and subsequently also to Sonneborn & Rieck in 2010. After acquisition Sonneborn & Rieck Ltd. changed its name to Fujichem Sonneborn Ltd. These three companies now form the Fujikura Kasei Global Network or FGN, an international partnership dedicated to providing coatings that meet global specifications and which are locally produced and supported.

    The Advantages of Using our Global Network

    • Spanning the globe: Our network extends beyond our three companies through subsidiaries, affiliates, global licensees, and technical partners. FGN can provide you the benefit of worldwide expertise.
    • Shared innovation: Combining the resources of our companies allows us to offer the latest innovation in the industry. Intellectual property can be seamlessly transferred with the assurance of complete protection.
    • Consistency in formulation: We maintain stringent quality standards within the network. Formulations developed in one part of the world are guaranteed to achieve identical quality and performance when made by any of our partners.
    • Regional manufacturing and supply: Now more than ever, it is essential to have reliable local supply, wherever you intend to manufacture. You can be assured our Global Network will meet your exact specifications wherever our products are produced.
    • Global technical support: We know that our work doesn't stop once the paint is shipped. Rest assured that our experienced technical support staff will be there to assist you.
    • Respect for the world around us: Our responsibility extends beyond our customers to the world around us as we strive to minimize the environmental impact of our business. You can be sure our products fulfil all environmental and safety requirements.