Dual Cure

Dual Cure Coatings

The Winning Duo

Fast UV Curing Meets the Simplicity of Thermal Cross Linking.

Our knowledge in Thermal and UV curable coatings has created an industry-leading, efficient solution for high specification, visually appealing automotive interior and exterior plastic components. FCS Dual Cure incorporates the speed and robustness of UV cure with the simplicity of thermal cross linking. The result is excellent scratch resistance, exceptional surface quality and complete polymerisation in all areas of multifaceted 3D shapes - simply and rapidly.

The desired shadow cure, on complex 3D parts, can reliably be achieved with low dose UV and thermal cure temperature thanks to our unique formulation. FCS Dual Cure topcoat adheres to PC, ABS and PC/ABS as a one-coat system. The topcoat can also be used over specified FCS primers and basecoats to give adhesion to other substrates and to open up the range of design effects possible.

Increase your output, improve your product, and keep your business growing.

  • Available in Clear, Black and Metallic Effects, FCS Dual Cure offers outstanding Scratch Resistance.
  • FCS Dual Cure allows fast processing of complex 3D parts.
  • Sprayed parts become “touch dry” in only a few seconds under UV light. This reduces scrap caused by dust contamination, particularly on high gloss and piano black applications.
  • FCS Dual Cure’s low VOC content together with its minimal energy requirements will help to reduce your environmental footprint.

Convert your thermal cure line to a Dual Cure Process:

It is possible to convert a conventional thermal paint line into a dual cure process by installing UV lamps to an existing flash off area. This modification requires low capital expenditure and does not occupy extra horizontal space in existing thermal lines. Contact us for more information.

  • 3D Components can be cured within Minutes
  • Requires Low Dose UV and Thermal Cure Temperature
  • Exceptional Scratch Resistance