Automotive Lighting

Automotive Lighting

Time tested coatings. Proven superiority.

Every project has its unique requirements whether it be time, quality or efficiency. With over 40 years of UV formulation, processing and supply experience, we continue to introduce next-generation UV technologies to the market, and we are dedicated to helping our customers improve the quality and durability of their headlamp lenses.

As part of the multinational Fujikura Kasei Group Network (FGN), we manufacture and supply globally approved FGN coatings for the automotive lighting industry, as well as providing technical support wherever and whenever needed.

UV Topcoats

Developed for spray and flow coat application methods, FGN UV Topcoats offer optimum process window and recycling possibilities. As well as providing “best-in-class” scratch and weathering resistance, these coatings also set the benchmark for product quality and ease of processing.

FGN’s latest generation UV Topcoats deliver excellent clarity and gloss retention on polycarbonate lenses, meeting the AMECA’s 5-year weathering test SAE J576. Our market-proven UV Topcoats enable increased production line speeds, minimised energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

We hold a wide range of OEM approvals including;

  • BMW TL6 973 976.6
  • Chrysler MSPP 5-5
  • Daimler DBL 5416
  • PSA F58 0001
  • VW TL52437
  • Hyundai MS652-14
  • Taiwan Regulations
  • Kia MS210-06
  • Ford WSSM80J6
  • GM 9984271
  • Nissan M5079
  • ECE
  • Designed for Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Outstanding Chemical, Abrasion, Moisture and Weathering Resistance

UV Basecoats

FGN UV Basecoats have been the choice of lighting manufacturers for decades across the world, providing process robustness and reliability.

Our UV Basecoats effectively cover the surface of the reflector housing (BMC or Die Cast Aluminium), giving excellent levelling prior to the metallisation process. The technology offers outstanding resistance to heat, humidity and corrosion.

  • Smooth Levelling on Aluminium Die Cast and BMC Reflector Housing
  • Excellent Resistance to High Temperature, Humidity and Corrosion
  • Designed for Headlamp Reflectors and Rear Lamp Reflectors

Anti-fog Coatings

Formulated to prevent fogging and condensation within today’s latest headlight designs, FGN Anti-fog coatings eliminate the build-up of water droplets on the inside of polycarbonate lenses to allow maximum light projection.

Optically clear, thermally cured FGN Anti-fog coatings offer a wide process window, meeting the process and performance criteria of the automotive lighting industry. These high technology coatings increase the added value and technical quality of modern headlamp modules.

  • Applied to the Interior Surface of Polycarbonate Lenses
  • Anti-Fogging with No Water Streaking
  • Wide Application Process with Heat Resistant Properties