Wood Coatings

Wood Coatings

Enhancing the appearance and durability of wood since 1899.

Few companies have our experience in formulating coatings for solid wood, veneer, MDF and laminates. Over the years, our reputation for creating innovative and sustainable technologies has seen our coatings used by leading manufacturers of wood products, locally and internationally, and we continue to develop new technologies for improved aesthetics and productivity.

Our wood coatings range includes;

  • PU Lacquers, Clear and Pigmented
  • Waterborne and Solventborne Stains
  • Acid Catalyst Lacquers, Clear and Pigmented
  • Dual Cure Products
  • UV Curing Lacquers
  • Functional Hardcoats
  • Sealers and Primers

Colour Availability: Standard Colour Cards (e.g. RAL) + Custom Colour Matching.