Transportation is redefined.
So is the chrome shine.

FCS products took centre stage at the 2018 Hannover Motor Show, with our highly reflective 3-Coat-Chrome system featuring on one of Renault’s most advanced transportation concepts – the EZ-PRO.


Created with sustainability in mind, Renault’s recent EZ-PRO autonomous EV concepts are designed to be in perfect harmony with the future requirements of urban life, projecting a revolutionary transportation method that is finished with our market-proven, award winning 3-Coat-Chrome Effect Coating Technology.

By 2030, over 60% of the world population is predicted to be living in towns and cities. This indicates that urban deliveries would require new methods, and the EZ-PRO concept exactly captures this fact, offering flexibility with highly modular EV robo-pods where both B2B and B2C operations can be executed from the same platform.

We are proud that our 3-Coat-Chrome Effect technology has been chosen by Renault to add a touch of glamour to the distinctive and futuristic style of the EZ-PRO concept. Each layer serving a specific function, this flagship coating system provides a unique combination of optimum reflectivity, mechanical performance and weathering resistance, and can be customised to a variety of metal effects in various gloss levels. With a long history of developing advanced coating solutions, we continue to formulate new technologies to ensure that every design idea reaches its full potential.

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